Please forgive me

for being the worst version of myself

for being needy

for trying to hurt you

for trying to push you away

for not understanding

for ignoring your needs.

Please forgive me

for being selfish

for only thinking of



Connecting with you is like lighting a fire.

The anticipation.

The preparation and care.

The warmth.

The satisfaction.

The comfort.

The hope.

Connecting with you is a combination of jubilation and security.

A process, an investment

that keeps me coming back for more.

Pain killer

You only want me for selfish reasons

to fill that void inside of you

to help you to forget the temporary pain you are feeling.

You want me to touch you and to make you feel whole, for a moment.

Then once you have your fill of me

you’ll leave.

Dispose of my body, my mind and my soul

A quick fuck

and I’ve served my purpose.

Until the next time you feel that void open up

and your pain brings you striding back to my door once more.

Demanding temporary relief,

from my body.


Little bird you have flown in out of the cold and into the warmth of my heart.

You have begun to pick up scattered pieces of my soul,

intwining them with parts of me I had forgotten existed.

You are adding elements of your own to this growing nest-

twines of knowledge and advice;

bits of your life and your heart.

You are unearthing, restoring, caring.

Little Sparrow,

you are making my body a home once more.