I wish I could run away

into your arms and kiss you.

I wish I could envelop you in my arms and fade into you.

Let the world drift away and live for just us.

But what life would that be?

If we just lived for each other.

Let our love consume us.

And let the world fade away.

I love you.

I will always love you.

But I can’t just live for you anymore.


I feel like half of me is missing.

Like my heart is no longer whole by itself, like my heart isn’t even here anymore.

I gave it away and it is no longer mine.

I can’t give it away again,

because it no longer beats in my chest.

It is lost to a time

when I stood on a hill

and vowed to love you forever.

I vowed for it to be your constant and your anchor

through all of our adventures in life together

for as long as we both shall live.

And now it is an anchor,

an anchor to that time

on that hill

keeping my love in your arms

I feel my heart still beating

in a time far away

in a time, that is not now

in a time when all my heart knew








a. The act or process of moving apart or forcing something apart
b. The condition of being apart, especially the condition of two people who had lived together or been marriedliving in different places.
c. An interval or space that separates; a gap